Sunday, December 19, 2010

It was a "COLE" party

My weekend started out in a drag-my-heals-sort-of-way.
The middle was stressful, and the end was fun!! Actually it was all fun, just also other things too.

The most important news is my third nephews birthday party.

Cole turns one tomorrow, and we had his party today.

This little boy is the fist of all three big boys to turn one that has eaten his entire mini cake in one sitting..

I am sure he had tons of fun watching Joaquin and Austin open all his gifts for him ( he liked the paper)

For reasons un-benounces to me we stayed up until pretty much sunrise last night, and got up at 8 am... I didnt get to take a nap ( although both my boys did) and I am pooped. I was tired all day.
But I got up and went to the dump ALL BY MYSELF, for the first time.
Had this cole party.
Then Keith surprised me with a trip to the store, for an early gift. Thanks honey.

When we got home we ate ribs and potatoes, played Christmas music and yathzee, while baking cookies, cakes and goodies..

Merry Christmas to All.. and to all.. A good night..
sweet dream~~


  1. The pictures of the b-day party came out great!! The pictures of the cookie make me want to make some they look yummy!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! :O)
    P.S. Love the music

  2. Merry Christmas.. The cookies look delicious