Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting the Perfect Picture....

Every year since Keith and I have met, I have always loved taking pictures in general, but
we ALWAYS take a family photo to send to our families..

First it was just us, then the next year I had a big belly, and last year we had Austin..

It is always a feat trying to get a toddler to sit still, AND look in the direction you want him to,
it usually takes at least 30 to get one that I can even maybe use..

It seems we are becoming professionals.
We borrowed my dads tripod, set it in front of the TV, and put on Kipper, this made it easy for him to look
like he was looking AT the camera..
We didnt think of it until we were hald done, but it worked..
And this is what we got with less than 10 trys.

I was soooo happy with it..

Most are sent away, so be looking forward to it..

Since hunting season has leaked over into December this year with muzzleoading, Austin and I have a LOT
of quality time together, and if you dont know, things can get hectic fast with a toddler and a christmas tree..
He has been really great!
We put up our tree, hung the lights, and all the decorations..
(The only thing I could not do is the angel.)
Austin loved it..

we also made cookies..
( and they are almost all gone)

I am ALL DONE with shopping.. ( mostly)

only 19 days till Christmas.
very exciting stuff..

here are some of our "attempts"
for your enjoyment..

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