Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My mother's love

I was recently - and oh so subtly reminded that my
write-something-I-am-thankful-for-every-day-in -November-PLAN
didnt really pan out.
I replied: I was so swamped with school ( did I mention I have three classes) 
I was so swamped with T-day, I was so blah-blah-blah...

However, I must say that there was not enough days to truly portray how many things I am honestly
thankful for. And most importantly ( to me) are the people who are in my life, who honest to God would jump in front of a bus for me.Who would do, literally, ANYTHING for me, or my husband or our child.
I am thankful for my mothes love!!
This is a mother's love. Loving this little human more than yourself, or any other person to EVER be created.
Thats when you know you are a mother.
I learned yesturday, that a mothers brain matter grows after having chilren, specifically the portions that control emotion, and thought processes, also the portion that controls judgment.

 there are so many things that force one to grow up, and 9/10 times having a child turns you into someone you never thought you could be.
I am so thankful for my mothes love to me. To this day, I am 21 years old, and talk to her ( over the phone) at least 10 times, if not more a day. That includes while I had a full time job AND I am going to school fulltime, oh and being a mom fulltime.
I always, just have the time, to call and talk, or sometimes we dont, we just sit there and do our own things while on the phone together..
We are so far away from one another, yet I feel very very close. Like she is in the room with me, or is driving with me, or shopping with me.
AND.. she actually makes/has the time to do it also..
I am so blessed..

I hope for my children, whether I raise them COMPLETLY differnt than I was, that one thing will be the same for me and my children, as it is for my mother and me.
I hope that they always, always will love me, always trust me, and always call ME..

I truly love being a mother. Every day I am still amazed that we made someone so special and perfect from nothing. I carried him for nine months, gave birth, and he is growing so much. I look at him ( when he holds still) and see myself and Keith in him.
I love that little boy, and one thing I know I inherited was my ability to love..
 I am thankful for that!!

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