Saturday, December 18, 2010

That really bugs me (volume one)

I am having a little problem..
Its not a BIG one, just a little one..
here goes
it can be compared to people pronouncing "Valentines Day"
" Valentimes Day"
( that really bugs me)
Because onbiously there is no 'M' in the word so why would people pronouce it so?
It is something I pretend doesnt happen, because if I didnt I would become so flustered I wouldnt know what to do with myself..

Apparently there is another similar debate that happens this time of year,
although I never knew about it because I use COMMON SENSE..
Now before I tell you.
I just want everyone to know, that I beleive in fredom, and equality and all that shiz, so you can disagree with me, but I also belive in common sense and just want to get it out there what it is in this case..

Today is Saturday, in one week ( seven days) it will Saturday AGAIN, and in another.. it goes on like this every week, which turns into months and so on..
Today is special though, because in one week exactly it will be Christmas Day. The 25th of December.
So. It makes sense, if one is counting down, to say
" only one week ( seven days) until Christmas"
I mean I count down from the Day after thanksgiving, and now with only one week to go, I see it as seven days till Christmas.

Some people count Christmas day when counting down.

Because if you were counting down til next Saturday just because you would say " only one week until Saturday"
But for some reason these weirdos ( who probally pronounce ValenTINES days wrong too) count Christmas Day..
The only time in which I would accept such nonsense, would be if they were have their gift exchange ON the day AFTER Christmas...
But, knowing me, I had to ask..
They are not..
I then tried to reason with them, saying
that if you count Christmas, when you wake up that morning ( seven mornings from now)
you will go to open gifts, look up at your count down chart and see that there is ONE DAY LEFT?
BECAUSE if one counts Christmas Day, then ON Christmas day there will be ONE DAY LEFT??

are you seeing what I am saying?????
Does this not bug you too?

* If you are one of the aforementioned weirdos I am sorry if I have offended.. ( but you are wrong)

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