Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Top 7 Things you NEED to know..

This is an exciting time of year..
let me tell you why....
( in no particular order)

1. ALL, I mean ALL, literally ALL my shopping is D-O-N-E!! I am so proud of myself... so pleased,and yes I am giving myself a pat on the back as I type.. ( I am a very good multi-tasker)

2. I am almost done with this term, and have maintained an 'A' for ALLLLLLL my classes... ( three I might add) ...

3. I have found my site for my externship* for school.. -- at an Orthopaedic office very near to my home..

4. sinse we have soooo many people who love us, we have so many differernt dinners planned with our familes.. This is so exciting..

5. We are getting a puppy, FREE.. ( even better) I am thinking of convincing Keith to get two sisters, so they can grow up together. I think we are going to do it. I already have the names picked out.. ( I know, I get ahead of myself)

6. Austin is going to be TWO in about a month or so.. YAY!! I am going to be 22 YAY!!! ( oh for my birthday I want to go to a pirates game and the olive garden) and Keith and I will have been married for THREE years..

7. last but not least, we have an awesome, and very secret surprise for some special people in our lives this Christmas... And cannot wait to SURPRISE them.. so I cant tell you yet, or it could ruin it.. 

* I am required before I can graduate to complete 160 hours ( within a ten week period) working on site of a real doctors office. Then I may enter the real world, and get paid.. lol

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