Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Austin updates

It felt weird not having to get up early this morning, like I was accustomed to for the past 12 weeks.
However, I am also happy that I didnt, because I would have proablly had one heck of a day.

For starters, our little peach of a son, who if you are keeping track of, as reached a lot of firsts this past week...
First black eye, first stiches, and open head wound, first time getting stitches out.. well anyway, last night was his first ( be prepared for some graphic content) power puke. When he was an infant he did his share of spitting up like normal babes do, but this was a grown-up, spew through the air, land on daddys pillow, and full of yesturdays food, which is weird because the boy went through so many #2 diapers you wouldnt think there would be any food left in his little body..

I know thats gross, and belive me, he had no idea what had happened when he was done, we just told him "its all right" " its not your fault" and left him lay with us..
Because for one night, he actually came into our room sick, and not just pretending to get to sleep with us.

When bubba was at least 5 months old, I did what some mothers would never dream of, and sleep trained him, once he was sleeping through the night, he had his own room, and went to bed on his own. And he was always a good sleeper, but his daddy loves him very very much, and has given into his pleas of sleeping with him ( I say him because its dadyd he crys to, because he will know my answer) tooooo many times. Enough for me to consider taking Austins  room, because by the time day break rolls in my whole body is stiff, and seriously it needs to stop.

So. I will begin vigorous potty training motions, once Austin is sleeping through the night in his own room.. and by through the night, I Dont mean he cant get up, but he has to stay in there..
and I am lost as to how to make this happen.


Lets hope daddy can join me in the quest, or...

Some pics from our, not all bad, day together...

this was quiet time, where my naked son fell alseep in the cutest posisition...

this is how he woke up ( he is naked because he kept #2ing on his outfits)

This is my FAVORITE smile...

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