Thursday, March 24, 2011

Austin updates

When Im not getting up every morning, going to daycare, going to work, going to school.. and NOT having a job yet, I am staying at home, still getting up early, cleaning the house, chasing my dog and toddler, and sometimes losing my mind, oh did I mention I LOVE naptimes...

But, the upside, ( because yes there are downsides, like no money, no non dog and toddler time etc..) is that I get to spend all the time in the world with Austin, and everyday there is something new to smile about, to laugh about, he learns so quickly, and mimics EVERYTHING!!!

And ask my mother, she is the one I talk to most often on the telephone, I could flap my gums about Austin and what he is doing allll day long. And I do, I mean I flap them about other stuff too, but mostly Austin.

His new thing is, playing in his room, with Abby, and with the door shut. Its really adorable. I had to, of course, call my mother to see if this was normal, because this kid usually only plays with toys wherever we are hanging out, either the kitchen or livingroom. But this week, the door is closed, and I go check on him, hes talking to Abby, and playing alone. I find it adorable.

sitting at his table, eating cheese its ( reduced fat and sodium)

notice the ball, abbys ball, Austin seems to think its HIS ball.

but having it with him insures that she will follow him EVERYWHERE
His other new favorite toy, is his zoom zoom, he got for Christmas, its an indoor radio flyer car on wheels, that go everyway. I highly recomend this toy for all kids, he flys across the house, carpet, hardwood, it zooms..

notice what's in his lap..
But his most favorite thing of all.. Is not something you can buy at a store, its ABBY, his best friend. They eat together, play together, fight over tennis balls together. He really loves her!

notice the smile

he doesnt always want to throw the ball

but somtimes does.. as long as she brings it right back

she makes him smile..
 His favorite hobby is playing outside, but with the stupid snow and rain and wind, its hard. But we did today.
for a little while.

he was crying because she again, tried to take 'his' ball

in mid air

he makes me wear the ears.
Ever sinse we did our easter pics, he wears the ears alll the time, he makes all of us wear them too ( even abby)

All in all, I love these days where I can spend time with my little boy.
But still cant wait to have a job!!

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