Monday, March 7, 2011

oh happy days!

I wanted to take a few minutes/ lines to really convey how happy I am, and how grateful I am to be eactly where I am in life, at this exact moment..

First, I feel that obviously everything happens for a reason, that mistakes play a major role in molding character, and that no one would be who they are today if it were not for their past.

Secondly I feel that for every "bad" thing that happens to a person, one or two good things come out of it. Whether far fetched or easy to see, everything turns around, and whether its what you planned or expected, you are better off after than you were before.

My life is not a very big  glamerous one ( like Charlie Sheen) but its the only one I want.

Being a mother, lifes greatest blessing, is the most important thing in my life. The love that is beaming from my heart is unexplanable..
Being a wife, to a husband who is exactly where I am, exactly on the same page, in our relationship, in our plans for the future, everything..
Being a friend, to those who have been there, who have been "weeded" out, and we really have only people who really care about us, and our well being in our life. These folks, are the most important people outside out family to us, and Hey! they are family too!!

Abby, is the greatest doggie, Austins best friend, and the fattest little girl I know..

So. Now that I have laid the gooey feelings on pretty thick. I will leave.
bottom line? very happy..


"ba-oons" are Austins favorite thing after parties, besides cake

my leather thimble, for crossstiching

Hubbies favorite thing ( yes his gift from me!)

PLUM nail polish.. MY FAVORITE!!

a gift for my irish hubbies BDAY!! ( yes it hold 3 beers)

daddies birthday cards

Austin loves oranges..

catching some zzzz's!!

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