Tuesday, March 15, 2011


well it seems my recently-turned-accident-prone two year old really likes to make my heart palpatate, I mean with the bruise, and the stitches, you would think he would NOT keep hurting himself.
He know climbs AND jumps on every surface not touching the ground, this morning he cut his little toe while running into the corner of the bed...

Now. Time for the good news.

As of Tonight at midnight, I am offically done with school, as in no more classes, no more teachers, quizzes, or tests. I am done I have a degree, I am a real girl.

The actual ceremony is not until June, which I cannot wait for.

This year is a really BIG year for me. symbolically and in realtly a lot is changing, it is the year of change. New starts, and really just diving into life.

Life is something that is so fragile, I am taking it by the 'horns' and just loving it for all its worth. and belive me, have you met my family? It is worth ALOT..

There is a lot of love to go around. And I have even more to give.

Tonight was spent hanging out in a real honest to goodness typical night at our house, it involved paper plates, wrestling, doggie treats, climbing things. But mostly?
Mostly it had a lot of laughs, a lot of smiling and not once did it have any tears.. ( thank goodness he didnt hurt himself again, right?)
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daddy and abby sleeping before school
everyone sleeping right before I left for class
wrestling after I got home

austin and abby ( notice his booboo is healing)


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  1. Congrats on no more school!!! You must be so happy!! Sorry to hear about Austin I guess this is the month for stitches. You'll have to check out my blog for Joshs!! I guess the older they get the more stitches they get. I'm glad Austin is doing well, and you!!!