Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fun fun and funish

Since I am DONE with school, and with my externship, I am in a limbo, between school and real life working, fingers crossed this limbo will not last too long, but for the week or so I do have, I am enjoying my house being squeaky clean, and spending all the time in the world with my toddler and puppy.

We have gotten down to a beautiful schedule, in the last few days.. Austin even takes naps after lunch.

Abby is where Austin is. ALWAYS

Thankfully mother nauture heard my pleas for some good weather, some melting of snow. And out yard has turned into a beautiful, snowless pile. of. mud. Which if you have mud boots is the funnest thing in the world.
Lucky we do.

he loves to hide her balls in his trunk
Saturday morning we got up and went to Cabelas. Which we have done tons of times in Austins little life, but he acted like it the was the first time, and even more, he acted like it was a zoo, with all the animals.. and fish.
he was in boy/man heaven ( because keith loves it jsut as much)

the African exibit

BIG kitty

trying to sneak over


driving the " the cah"

he wanted to take it home, but for 12,000 we just let him test drive
After, we came home and were lucky enough to play outside some before out sleepover with meme.



abby took "his" stick
It was such luck that Austin had a sleepover on Saturday night, on Sunday morning I woke up with, what I can only call the WORST day of my life, I was soooo sick, I wont go into details, lets just say. I am so glad it was no flu, and just a 24 hour bug.

Luckily Austin didnt get it, ( unless he had it and gave it to me)
Needless to say, I gave it to Keith, and yesturday was the same for him.

We are all better today. Austins booboo is healing great! and we are all great!!

Have a good week!

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