Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LOVE, LOVE, and more... LOVE

I keep telling myself that I shouldnt brag, or keep talking about it constantly: I love my life, but moreso I love the two men that I am so blessed to have in it. I am so lucky!!!

With everything that life throws at us, all of us, we move on, and we grow. That is also the point of marriage, to grow, to learn, to crash and burn, get back up and start it again. I am so lucky to have someone I want to do all this crazy stuff with, and someone who wants the same.
We dream, we laugh, we argue, we kiss, and mostly  love!
And I feel so lucky to have such a good man in my life, such a thoughtful and meaningful man, who is growing with me.

Equally, is the love I have for this little person, who was once, a very tiny person, but is growing up to be such a good, and smart and gentle little toddler. Who yes, has his days of yelling, screaming, and ranting. But also has these days where he learns new words, can count to 5!!!! and loves to play with his best friend - ABBY!!!

HMM.. Things are coming together, and I am just very happy! very.

Last night, we took our easter picture... It was a blast ( mostly) and we got a good one ( as shown at top of page) but it took about 23 takes..

it takes a lot of work to get everyone centered, and looking in the same direction..

..and to wear the ears

...and to not have things block their faces

...and not to look realllly angry

...or look away ( or smile really weirdly)

Over all, we are pretty amazingly awesome people..
And happy, and bunnys!!

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