Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tough Guy

Last week was a blur.. It feels like ages since my last post.. Which is matching for the week we had.. FULL!!

Tuesday night I drove to school, and got a call in the middle of my class, it was Keith telling me that Austin was okay, but had decided to climb a cooler and fall over, only to hit his left eye on the corner of the coffee table..

Needless to say, one drink of milk, and one chocolate cookie later, bubba was feeling better. His eye, however.... BLACK&BLUE.. I felt so bad for the little guy,. He was a tropper though..

Austin also had started to get a little sick, runny nose, feverish, and a seal-ly cough that I wanted to keep an eye on, and by Wednesday night he was getting a little better.. So Thursday when we went to go to bed, Austin woke up and Keith let him lay with us until he fell back asleep..
However, we all fell asleep before we could ever get him back to bed. ( we went to bed early this night, Im taking 900)

Midnight rolls around, Austin somehow managed to roll his way over daddy, and onto the corner of the night table. We wake to screaming, and beleive me, more blood than any mother wants to EVER see come out of her child. We were out the door in less than 10 minutes. I sat in the back with Austin holding a cloth to his head, and Daddy drove us to the ER.

When we arrived they let us right in, and the bleeding still hadnt entirly stopped. But he got some numbing medicine and had started to calm down a bit.

After examination, and two attempts of glueing the gash shut, he settled on two blue stitches for him. I was expecting some struggle, however Austin surprised us all ( including the doctor, who said Austin was the BEST two year old he had ever stitched) and sat quietly and patiently waiting for him to get done.

Soon we were all home, and back to sleep.

After the medicine that numbed his head wore off, and were snugg in bed sleeping, Austin started getting a little sick, I guess the pain was just really sharp, and I had run out of tylenol. I tried soothing him like I use to do, and we finally got to sleep, close to 4 oclock.

Austin with his stitches

Friday, I took Austin out to pizza buffet with a girl friend and her very-close-in-age son, Austin and Jordyn had a blast, and we even got to go to a tractor store, where the boys played on tractors ALLLL afternoon..

Austin then had a doctors appointment, where we found that he has an ear infection, and a sinus infection. Poor Bubba. I got all our Rx's and some icecream and we had a sleepover ( ON SOLID GROUND) and watched Alice in Wonderland.

Today after Bubba got hom from his sleepover at Meme's house ( where he always has a blast) we had meme over for lunch, and daddy and Austin got to play outside for awhile with Abby..

helping abby find the ball

Austin found a rock

Babe ruth and abby fetching..

After all was said and done, Austin needed a change of clothes, mud season is upon us.. ( did I mention me and Austin LOVE to play in mud)

Austin is feeling much better, and is getting his stitches removed tomorrow evening.
So, lets pray that goes as well as inserting them were.
Have a great week!!

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