Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little updates..

Not a lot has been going on lately..

1. Again, school is alllmost done, and this week will be my last of externship.. ( yes yes I am VERY excited)

2. Keiths surprise birthday party, which I hadnt mentioned on here, because some people have big mouths, haha just kidding, but anyway it went very well. He had fun, the food was amazing ( yes I made it)

3. Next week is St. Patricks day, which I like because my husbands family is irish, and celebrate it, and I LOVE celebrating holidays, I only wish the Irish expanded their culinary traits.. But there is a annual family dinner, which we get to attend this year as a family. VERY excited!!

4. for all you Austin lovers, He is doing very well, I dont want to ruin a good thing, but he hasnt gotten to badly sick this winter, and especially NO ear infections, actaully all of us are pretty healthy, with the expcetion of my out-of-joint-vertabrae..

That is all I have for you at this time.

oh.. 5. I am so very excited about Spring, and Ester, and flowers.. SOOOO excited!!

funny face

he is getting really good at drinking from grown-up cups too

..and he is really happy about it..

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