Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

We are so lucky to have so many people in our lives, who love us, who care about us, who would give the sweater off their back for us, We are so lucky! So many father figures, who dont have to be blood to have my whole heart. These men, raised me, taught me, or. Are men I have only known for a matter of years, yet feel so very close to, and wouldnt change our relationship for the WORLD!

I am also truly blessed to have the BEST father for my son, that I would have ever even thought to ask for.
Keith is such a patient, kind and loving father to our son.
And it shows - our son is a mini-daddy and trys to do everything like his daddy, and when I told him he could pick out ANY card for his daddy his eyes lit up in the hallmark aisle. When I told him he could pick out ANY cake, and write ANYTHING he wanted to on it, his chest grew with pride, knowing that his daddy was getting what HE wanted him to get.

It is so great, raising children. You fall in love, you make a baby, and grow it in your belly for 9 months, feeling so much love and life, then you give birth, and think - okay life could not get any better than holding this tiny human in my arms, being his only means of life. But then, life keeps getting better, he grows up, he walks, he talks, he speaks in sentences. And really - it has only jsut begun..

So, thank you Keith, you are such a good man, we have grown so much together, and again, really - it has only just begun.

You are such a good father, and cannot wait to see what kind of man our son turns into!


and a few pictures from our fathers day!

austin shaves now - what? you didnt know that?

sitting like daddy

eating popsicle

whoa! big fish!

3 shishes

arent they so cute?

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