Tuesday, June 21, 2011


More often than not, we go through life, day-to-day not unaware of the things going on around us, but preoccupied being happy, to see how blessed we really are.
And for all the negative things I could label myself or my current situations in life, with careers, friendships, etc. I am often reminded, that I am really very lucky. I have a husband, who loves me, and I mean come on, he aint ugly either! ;)
We have one amazing son, who is just that - AMAZING! he is healthy, he is happy, we are so lucky!
We have so many people, family - friends, who love us.
We are both heatlthy ( if you subtract my over eating habits)
at any rate..

Yea! Happy! Lucky! It is my life!

But believe me - I dont always see the roses, sometimes, like most humans, I forget to see whats right in front of me!

But this week?
oh man - I see it alright. and it aint ugly either!!

my elephant and puppy

catching some shishies

not as comfortable as it looks

daddy got a fish



I can still see you!!
oh and dont forget the...

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