Monday, June 27, 2011


Wow, can you beleive June is almost over? The year is almost half over? ONLY 6 more months till Christmas, Can you belive I am turning into one of those people who say things like that? its funny, I think its parenthood, or maybe just adulthood. sort of like driving through town and comparing gas prices, I use to think that was soooo GAY! But now that it is relevant to my life, hey! I guess Im growing up - who wouldda thunk it?

So. What have I done that is so memorable this month?
To be honest not a hell of a lot, however the small things, which are big to me, mean the most, and really add up

Like hanging out with family, and family is so important to me, and Im not even Italian, Im french, and my husband is Irish... and.. we love our family. But to be honest, I think the french do so more... ( jk)

And this week/end that is just what we did.
We had family over for a little shindig.. And knowing me, I had to name it a schnazy name, because get-to-gethers are way more fun if they have names..
SO, I named it
Margaritas,Meatballs and Apples 2 APPles..
We drank margaritas, ate lots of meatballs, and played Apples to Apples..
It was a lot of fun!


frozen jose's
and apples to apples ( a great game)
oh and thanks for noticing, yes my serving plates are apples
Im THAT good!

I think others would say, I am a modern day Martha Stewart, oh wait.. She is still modern. Anyhoo, Im great! At party planning, not so much at changing the oil, or bowling, I mean you win some you lose some, If I was good at everything, my brain would explode Like john travolats did!

Tonight we did some more of the daily stuff we always do...

I didnt see either one of them complaining though...

that is his 'E' Smile..

At any rate, Im not even sure this post made sense, mostly because I just had another margarita, and am in a really great mood. Mix the two.. and seriously! I RANT!!

have a great week y'all!

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