Sunday, June 5, 2011

That's right people, I graduated COLLEGE.

And I am so happy I did, because I was having second thoughts about attending, only because I was sore from my tooth removal.

But at any rate, Im so glad I did.

If I had to picture the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday, it would be exactly what I did today.

Surrounded by the people who love me, love my son, are proud of me, and who will always be there for me.
Not to mention I got to wear a really cute dress.

We went to graduation, which was so fun. I got to meet Bob Crawley, which if you are a survivior fan, you wll really appreciate - he was the keynote speaker,  Igot to shake his hand, talk to him and his wife about the show.. SO COOL!..


Then we all went to dinner, and Cabelas and Xmas tree shop..

I mean, my son was so well behaved, alll day, it was so nice!

my FAV. pic. before we left ( he  was crying because he wanted to play with Abbys ball)

I guess he fell asleep while waiting

bow-tie Bob

getting my dipolma

my grandparents

happy day!

proud papa!

my 'great' granpa


my cute little tropper
Such a good day!!

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