Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keith broadened my horizons, by showing me what the true defination of being an outdoorsmen truly means, he taught me to fish, hunt, ski, swim.. and all the things that an otherwise girly-girl would not enjoy.

When we first met, I did it to be with him, not because of some secret passion I always had for it, however  I grew to love it, and love it still. I enjoy bundleing up and ice fishing, or snowmobiling, or aiming a shot-gun into the air and blasting away a clay pigion, It gives me a sense of adventure, and makes me feel like I could really do anything..

However, dont get me wrong, I still love my computer, television and cross-stiching, whereas Keith could live without a tv, or house for that matter..

Our differences balanace perfectly with the things we have in common, for instance watching horr movies on our date nights, or watching our son learn something new.

Last night on our date night, we went fishing, and I usually am the type of fisherman that gives up after not getting a bite for 50 or so casts..
Keith urged me to keep  trying because "they WILL bite"

guess what?

He was right?

And the rush was A-mazing.

This is why he loves the outdoors..


my hansome hubby

look at that mallard?

one of the not-so fun things God created


Just got a tooth pulled

10 inch small mouth bass

15 inch small mouth bass..
Yes mine was bigger, and YES I am bragging..

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