Thursday, August 18, 2011

Potty training Progress

Do you ever have one of those days ( or for me, those weeks) when you just are a complete crappy mess, nothing can break your funk? you feel totally useless in any form.. Well lets he honest - we all do.
Im just the one admitting it..

This week was one of those...

you know the kind.

The kind, where if you know me, you steer clear. Because shes having " a moment"

Well it wasnt that bad, at least I dont think...

Anyhoo, I woke up on Tuesday, and thought - THIS is the day, the day where my son will connect the dots, and finally make some ground on this peeing on the potty ordeal.

And just like that, right out of left feild, there he goes, surprising us all, and even himself - im sure..

Now its Thursday, and after one impromptu trip to Walmart to buy more hotwheels, we have stayed home and trained ALL week, he pees on the pot every 60-90 mins, and even pooped yesturday!!

He gets rewarded with a car each time, originally I was doing M&M's for # 1, but let's face it, it wasnt motivating him

Im sure once he gets going in full swing, I will bring it back down to things like - if you pee you get a candy, if you poop you get a car.

Its a slow process, but THIS is what I needed,

to make me feel like I am doing something so wonderful..

And teaching your child something new, something he grasps with his little curious brain, that is sooo rewarding..

SO while my son is playing with cars as a reward, I am just sitting here watching the look of joy and utter pride on his face when he pees..

and this is my MOST PRICED REWARD - to date.. EVER!!

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