Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You know,  my blog shares bits and peices of our life, its only a fraction of what our life really means and is to me. I cut out boring, or un-blog worthy moments and try to weive them together with poetic wording to give a beautiful description of what our life really is.

Because life, or mine in general is not always so beautiful, I can add a picture with some good natural lighting, throw in some strong adjectives and BAM my day was interesting, it was blog-worthy.

On a typical day in my life, it gets messy, I mess up, I dont always have perfect hair, and the lighting sometimes sucks!

But its what I take from the "ugly" and make it beautiful, even if only me or my family find it beautiful, then it was a sucess!

Lately, with my unemployment status being longer than I expected after graduation, it leaves a lot of time to THINK. to ponder, to self analyze. Which is good, but too much, Im not gonna lie, can start wearing you down..

If you leave me alone with... well, me.. for too long, I start to turn into the 7th grade version of myself, where I was sure, the WHOLE world was out to get me, and that NOONE liked me!

insecurity is an ugly, ugly thing. And honestly I H.A.T.E. it, but a natural human instinct is to want to feel needed in a herd, to feel appreciated, and like you are contributing to it.

Right now, I am that over indulging rhino, who hasnt started working, who wont stop eating the grass, and is bringing her herd down.

its called limbo - or at least thats what I am calling it, what Im in right now, and I hope there is a light at the end of the unemployment tunnel, but currently there must be a curve in the tunnel. BECAUSE all I see is darkness!

~~~ And that my friend, is what happens if you leave me alone too long..

Seriously though, I am human, we all are, and if it were not for my amazing child to bright up my day and teach me something every day, or my equally amazing spouse who is clinging onto hope, because he has got his own black hole to fall in, I would not make it through the day!

Thankfully I love my life, and my family, and right now - it  has to be enough..

But for the record..


I can start tomorrow..

I am off, to answer those calls, the phones are ringing off the hook, you can enjoy pictures from our day!

I swear he uses that bike more than I do - it KILLS my bumm!

he likes to "swing"


my little monkey

but his favorite will ALWAYS ( for now anyway) be the slide

it makes him smile

him saying fishies, as I snapped the photo

he gets this habit from his daddy! MEN!

going for a walk

whatta veiw!

posing for mommy

LOVE my new camera features, actually they are not new.. my knowledge is just new!

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