Monday, August 8, 2011

what's that in the air?

This time of year reminds me of how cool it is, not to be the exact same person as your lifelong mate ( ie husband)

While I love looking forward to fall, and the scents of pumpkins, apples and soups, Keith holds onto summer with every ounce of his body, gripping harder, as each day gets shorter and shorter.

While I love the bright vivid colors of the leaves and the need to snuggle up in sweaters and fleece, Keith longs for those long summer,sweaty nights, where all you wear is the bare minimum to get by in the heat.

While Autumn to me - means new life, old things die, but new are born. Its not the same, but beauitful in its own right. It brings hope of change, and introduces the busy holiday season the next six months always bring..
Autumn to Keith - is the begining of the all things dying, leaves fall, flower wither, and the only bright side is the promise of November, when hunting insues..

For now, I too will grasp onto these nights where we cook out on the grill, relax on our shaded deck, drink ice cold coronas, and watch the sun set at 8 pm...

But dont be fooled, once september hits, its flannel, turtle necks and an ice cold pumpkin head for this little lady.. so what if the sun sets at 5?? That only means moving our party inside in front of our fireplace, playing board games all night..

and no, we dont actaully have a fireplace, but we do in our dream home, which yes, one day we WILL have..

ahh!! life is soo good!

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