Monday, August 15, 2011

A Rite of Passage

Growing up there were certain traditions, or rituals that I knew I always wanted to "use" or pass on to with my children, like opening ONE gift on Christmas Eve, or hunting for eggs on Easter morning, or going trick or treating on halloween..

Little peices of time that will forever be ingrained in their memory - of holy-cow-that-was-awesome

And when you are a child every thing seems bigger, sweeter, and more colorful -- that's the way it should be.

Im sure half the memories I have, are on a children's exxageratted scale..

BUT when you look at life through the eyes of your child EVERY.SINGLE.THING. is a cool memory, everything is something you want to remember..

I have this one memory, of having just one of our average cookouts, wearing a one peice tweety bird swimsuit, eating corn on the cob, running around with my sister, playing with our stepdad, jumping through the sprinkler. I remember it because the water in the hose MADE A RAINBOW, the knid you see in the sky, and it was sooo big and sooo cool!

Now, as an adult I am sure that rainbow, was just a normal size rainbow that you get from water...
BUT to me, back then it was HUGE.. and it was AWESOME, and obviously it was worthy of me remembering it..

Mostly because my childhood, however unconventional it was, had memories like that.. which I adore and cherish..

And honestly, being a matriarch ( yes I feel speical for using that word) of a family, is SOO important to me, anyhoo..

today we had a special rite of passage..

Austin's FIRST corn on the cob.
He loved it.

Nana gave it to him at her table for lunch, and his eyes were the size of golf balls..

" mmmm momma, this good"
" this soo good momma"

And just like that, I see the world through his eyes, where suddenly corn comes on a big round thing, and its good! wow!

So here is to us, may we never stop seeing the world through our childens eyes, hey! I bet a lot of wars would be solved if we all had to share like toddlers do!

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