Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Surival

We did what everyone else did, we prepared..

But, come Monday all we experienced was a lot of rain, and wind.. We bunkered ( or is it hunkered) down for the day, watching movies, playing board games, that is until 1 o'clock when our power went down..

and stayed down...

for 3 days...

luckily we do have a generator, which was so nice! We still got to watch TV, use the microwave, and sometimes flush

But we didn't have Internet, or a phone, or cable..

basically we were living in caveman days..

but it was surprisingly nice, not having any outside distractions, we all went to bed at the same time, woke up at the same time, and besides my mile high laundry and dishes pile.. All is right in the world..

our new recliner

this was all mine!!

on a picnic..

So, Irene while all the family time was great, I am truly happy you are gone.

for good!

and tell all your brothers and sisters, to head right back out to sea, where they belong..

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