Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend one was I was excited for, it was a complete date weekend, which we have had before, but none where little bubbs was gone for two nights in a row, without seeing us in between..

anyway, He did so great!,He couldnt stop talking about meme's house, and the birthday party, then bumpas and grammies house and the school bus and pizza and how much fun he had at both places..

We are so blessed to have such great grands, that want to spend time with our baby, who love him, and who we trust 100% with our child. Truly blessed.

We went Northern Pike fishing on Saturday, alllll day long, it was soo much fun, I could have stayed longer..

our guys.. in the front ( trying to find the way there)

they were in DEEP conversation about their team fishing stratigies ( girls vs boys)

we were more concered with tan lines.. Looking back, that may have been our down fall

while we sun bathed, and gossiped, they stratigized and planned

Looks like it worked too.. Bobby got the first fish of the day

I was happy for him..

aww!! I guess no hard feelings

YAY!! two points for the boys

three points...

four points.. but whose counting..
By the end of the day, the boys had seven, and we had nothing but sore bodies from all that sun!!

It was such a super fun day!!

We came home, showered and headed out to the Skunk Run for supper, came BACK home, played some cards and hit the sack early..

We had a BIG family day ahead of us, after all

checkin' out the DEER


MY FAVORITE Maine animal

the Poohs

The kitties
 I am kicking myself for not snapping a group or family picture, I was so sore, from my most recent blistering sunburn, I know, I know, I do know better, but somtimes I never learn.. Dont feel sorry for me, lol
I feel sorry enough for myself...


Im just a lucky girl, banking all these memories.
after all, I aint here for a long time, Im here for a good one!!

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