Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy like Sunday Morning

 time waits for no man, that it is constantly ticking, like a heart beating, it never slows, it never tires, just a constant tick..tock...tick..tock..

Reminding us, that Spring is coming, or Summer is almost over, pretty soon it will be the snow we will be looking for.

So, as a eternal fall-lover, I am patiently waiting for that first fall leaf to turn brass, while my husband, the eternal fall-hater.. He is grasping onto summer nights, always eating dinner on the deck, always fnding some chore to fill his outdoorsmen time with.. ( tick tock)

I love each season, espeically Maine's version of each season, you see its not like other states, where you have hot, hotter and wow thats friggen hot!
In Maine we got EVERYTHING, we have freezing winter nights, cool spring days, HOT summer nights, and easy like Sunday morning Fall days..

Each season, means something to look forward to, and the most important thing to do, is recognize the beauty in all the differences.. I embrace each season, finding the perks and beautiful things about it.

I also can see the ugly side of it, like summers UGLY, nagging partner - ROAD CONTRUCTION..

HEY! people we live in Maine, you can either complain about it, or plan an extra 20 mins of travel time, and maybe get a nice view at your traffic stop ( and yes Im talking about the flagger, some times you luck out.. others NOT SO MUCH - but there is always next time)

So. in true Mosher tradition, with summer winding down, we grabbed it by the coconuts, acted a little spontaneious ( a virtue I must learn to love about my husband) and lived the good ole Maine summer life this weekend..

Which means.. Doing a lot of good ole nothing..

wore our flip flops

leapt through water

learned to blow bubbles - the right way!

accidentally got them in our faces.

and helped Daddy prepare his bear bait..

We are truley blessed. Can you belive my baby is 2 and a half? And on the good road towards being potty trained?

I remember when he was an infant, I couldnt even picture him sitting up on his own, let alone peeing on a potty..

It is amazing, but also scary.. Time is beautiful, in that it gives us memories, but also kinnda unrelenting, pretty soon my baby will bein school, and hae a girl friend, and drive a car..

The only thing we can do, is embrace it..

and jeez take lots of pics, because thats the only way you'll remember half the things they do when they are little!!

Loving life!!

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