Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Mosher Family Mission Statement


formal business statement of aims: a formal document that states the objectives of a company or organization

Church's and groups have them, and I have been thinking lately, just about life and priorities, and our goals as individuals, as a married couple, and as a family.
Being married is fun, and hard, but totally worth the effort, and in my opinion
( which yes, I know nobody asked for, but hey its my blog, so dont read it if you dont wanna)
if two people have a totally kick ass relationship, I mean ROCK SOLID marraige, that anything can be done, any dream or fear can be conquered, and goal can be reached, and it's so much sweeter when you have someone totally in tune with yourself*..
* yes I realize I used the word 'totally' like five times in that paragraph
I understand that a marriage like this is NOT a mythical thing, BUT it takes time, to learn  about each other, before you can say that you know the person 100% inside and out.
however, if you are constantly working on it, and constantly growing then, before you know it.. BAM
your there.
And that is my major goal in my marraige.
Having passed a few "hard ship" tests already, I know what we are capable of, and all the potential in the world..
And it excites me, and I totally didnt realize this post was going to be about my marriage, but like in real life, my marriage is the foundation for my family, and if we build it strong, then it will last..
When it comes to a mission statement for my family, and I still want to get the words all pretty and perfect, basically it states, that family comes first, that your mother and your father deserve respect, that your brothers and sisters are your best friends, that your grandparents are the heart and soul of your family, and that making lifelong lasting HAPPY memories is the goal.
So basically I just rambled for 10 minutes, but I need an outlet for all my creative juices, and BAM you just got a look inside my brain..
are you scared??
some days I am..
much love,
mommy mosher

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