Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the 8 things you NEEDED to know...

1. School..School...School... I am sooo swamped with school. I have two online courses, thats two midterms this week, two term papers, two EVERYTHING.. I have been so concentrated on this.. And luckily it worked. I have an A in BOTH classes... YAY me!!

2. School... AGAIN.. my on campus class, is ALL skills. Basically learning the actualy stuff I will be doing.. e.g. vitals, ekgs, injections, drawing blood.. and luckily I have a B in this class.

3. Stupid fall weather. The weather is so bouncy.. up and down.. one day its 70, the next its 50.. it can get down to 30 at night and thus, making mama bear sick sick sick. I blame it on the girls in my class, who claim they will not miss a class even if they are puking up guts..  I BLAME you girls. Now... I am sick.. BUT. I cannot REALLY blame them, because if we miss a class, we pretty much fail. so tonight I will be treching it class. tissue box in hand. NOT MISSING A CLASS...

4. Austin.. My little ear infection baby.. 9 so far in his two years here. geeesh. He is actually doing a lot better, the croup is gone, and no sign of ear infection. A lingering cough is the only thing thats left.

5. Hunting Season. The time of year that makes husbands all over the state start acting deer crazed. Which ironically coninsides with " The Rut" which is the time of year that all the male deer go doe crazy. So.. in conclusion. My husband is in " the deer rut" he eat, sleeps, talks, and LIVES all things deer. This includes buying doe urine ( which smells BAD fyi ) it means calling all his friends and family to talk about deer, he probally dreams about deer, and he definatly smells like a deer, with all this scentless soap and stuff.

6. Thanksgiving. YAY! I am hosting our FIRST annual family dinner. I sent out cute invitations, and everything. I have ( including me and keith) 7 adults and one very cute little toddler attending. I have the most beautiful menu planned. and 3 delisious pies.. I am so excited!!!

oh did I forget to mention. This is my first turkey.. I cannot lie.. I may be a wee bit nervous.. JUST KIDDING.. I am sure  I will be fine..

this is definatly MY THING. I love planning and decorating and cooking and hosting..

 7. and once this day is over.
every year sinse I can remember we have decorated the day after thanksgiving. This year will be no differnt.

8. without a doubt, I am the happiest girl, the luckiest girl and very very thankful for all that I have.

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