Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A taste of Thanksgiving

This year is my FIRST, ever
annual thanksgiving party, that
( I know, can you belive it)

This is a taste of my decor and menu,
I am trying to remain un-nerved
and VERY well

These are my center peices / decor..
The top one, has candles in them. and the bottom
is a pot with fallish flowers.

These are platters, and a cool gravy boat.
( 2.39)

These are cool fall plates, that I hope will be used for years to come
oh and the napkin ring and ORANGE napkins.
( I kindda thing the orange is too much.. but oh well)

Here is my dilemma, I need to know which way to place my place settings..
horizontial or vertical??
What do you, my bloggie buddies, think?


  1. Everything looks really nice. You will do fine!!

  2. Its very pretty Becky. You did a wonderful job. Happy Early Thanksgiving.