Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day!

People in this era get so caught up in their own little worlds, and I mean ESPECIALLY Americans, however all human kind is built for survival mode, and henseforth put themselves first. Its human nature and cannot be argued.

Today could have been a normal day, a day where MY husband still had to work, and I had to still got to school, but all the youngsters got the day off, banks and doctors offices and post offices were closed. It could have been, and WAS for a lot of people - just that.
I could sit here and complain about the idiocracy of taking this day off, when NOONE celbrates it, its corpriate Americas way of taking a break, while I get stuck getting behind in my netflix movies because the mail didnt run.

However, I am a true American, one of my MANY nicknames in high school was PATRIOTIC BACON..

I LOVE America, not saying that others do not.
But the severity of the military and what they actaully do for us.. its real, and hard core, and people dont really grasp it.

I feel that WE owe them.. We owe them EVERYTHING, so the least we can do is take a day off from our self absorbed lives, and celbrate the ULTIMATE sacrifice they made by free choice.
Without them, we would NOT be free. and because we all know that freedom did NOT come, and to this day is still NOT free, we honor those who have fallen FOR US..
Ones who have mothers, and wives, and unborn babies, and little kids back home missing and praying for them, you can bet they DONT FORGET..
And neither should we.

We also, need to get out of our delusion idea of " world peace" " everything will be fine" and remember WHY we are fighting in the first place. what and who those men/women are fighting FOR..

Everytime I see someone who is or has served for us, I make it a point to thank them. Because its the least that I, an American civilian can do for what they do for me.


Thank you..
and the BIGGEST veteran I have the pleasure of calling my grandfather,
James M. Keen, I give a special thanks to you gramps.

I look up to you, and thank you for serving OUR country for ever 20 years.
I love you!

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