Friday, November 5, 2010

Today I am thankful for..

Days like this, when I feel so stuffed up my head could explode, I feel like not doing anything..

Today I am thankful for my husband.
We met almost five years ago ( four and a half actually)
After one year, were engaged, 9 months later, were married, and one year after that we had Austin.
I knew we would be together, or that I wanted to be with him FOREVER since that first Spring.
 we are young, we are crazy kids..
and are learning about this thing called marraige, and I admit we have been through a lot, but
it was all for a purpose - to bring us closer together..
It's weird, but it worked..

Keith is my best friend, yes.. we do disagree sometimes, but I like it that way, if we always agreed we never would have any fun! ;)
He is a really hard worker, and really puts time into making something of himself, his hard work pays off, and he puts an effort into our goals and dreams, in a way that I know they will come true..
He is the best father, I would EVER hope to have for my children..

Overall, I Seriously do not want to imagine my life without him in it.
Or my life without him as my partner.
I look forward to getting older, and growing older, together..
for better or worse..
I love you Keith Mosher..

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