Sunday, November 7, 2010


This weekend was the absolute best..

I want to say, that I know it sounds cheesy but it was so great, and PERFECT..
I love my life. And have so much to be thankful for.

which brings me to my thanks..

Austin spent the night at his GREAT-grammies..

This leads me into my Thanks..

When I was pregnant ( and my whole life before then)
My grandmother was always there for me, seriously the BEST grandmother IN THE WHOLE WORLD..
She came to all my appointments ( I was too fat to drive at the end there)
after he was born..
And I was all sore and recovering..
She came over in the mornings we watched GSN, drank coffee ( me decaf) She let me take cat naps, we talked, we shopped, it was so great. Just thinking about everything she has ever done for me makes me want to cry.
She and Austin have such a close bond, and I think its because of the time spent together WITH him.
He loves her so much, and so do I.
I am so blessed to have this kind of relationship and DOUBLY blessed that Austin gets too too..

I am so in Love with my life..

 went to get Bubba, Keith had ALOT of things to do.
( including deer stuff)
SO I thought I would be a big helper and ge tout of his hair.
We went to Friendlys for lunch with my gal friend and her 3 year old daughter.
It was so fun!
He was such a good boy, he ate his lunch AND a monster mash sundae
we went to Jokers.. he had a blast..
so did I.
It made me even more excited to go places..
oh boy.. I love this little boy soooo much!

Austin had so much fun at jokers..

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