Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miss Petigree Lives for the Day

Today I watched a movie I had been harboring for almost a year.

It's called- ' Miss Petigree lives for the day' Loreda gave it to me to watch months ago, because I had

complained of not having any good movies. I had never got around to watching it, because it happened to be

the same time I fell into a new television series- Greys Anatomy..

Months drew on, and I had sort of forgotten about it.

July came, and its presense was hard to miss, after Loreda passed, I kept thinking about it,

I wanted to save it for a specail time, because in a strange way, it made me feel close to her again.

It brings up all the things we wished we would have done, I went to her house for family dinner with the

boys, but I WISH I would have gone more often, I called her but I WISH we talked more, I WISH we

were closer, I WISH she was still here.

The scariest things in life are the things that are going to happen either way..

aging is so scary, death is so scary, thinking about losing the people that have such a huge impact on you is

so hard to grasp.

Thinking about watching my baby grow up. Is good, and the good outweighs the bad. The bad keep me

grounded. Because I know that the good is so much more amazing.

I think about the " bigger picture" instead of the right now, because the right now, is not perfect, I dont have a

job, I am working so hard to get done with school, so we can get into my career, and not have to worry so

much about money. The BIG picture is the future, the here and now, everything is temorary, and these are all

things I know Loreda would have told me if I ever forgot.

This movie - was good.

I am not sure if it was because I know Loreda loved it, or if it was just a cute little movie.

I think it was both.

It made me happy, it made me sad.

I miss Loreda so much, so much my core throbs with pain..

But Austin and I watched it this afternoon, he would not fall asleep, so I cradled my feverish croupy toddler in my arms, wrapped up in a blanket, and watched it.

It was a good feeling. and a good movie..

You should watch it ..

Espeically if you knew loreda and want to feel close to her for a couple hundred minuetes..

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  1. From the movie Ghost: Love doesn't die you, you take it with you..Embrace those memories with time spent with Loreda, some people never experience that kind of love :)