Friday, November 5, 2010

Round Three

Austin was born in the harshness of Winter, in fact the day we brought him home  there was a blizzard..
It seems that it is in his blood to get sick every. single. winter.. ( I know its not winter yet)

When he was an infant, and we were new parents, he got sick three or four times before summer time. Ear infections, colds, things like this.
Then last fall we got the flu ( yes, the BAD flu) and that winter came with four more ear infections, two that lasted over a month and a half.
This year, it is only November and he has already gotten TWO ear infections, IN BOTH EARS..
A sinus infection, AND now croup. 
I feel so bad for him, because he can hardly breathe and when he coughs he sounds like a seal asking for more food...

I ask the Doctor if this is normal for his age, Keith and I both had severe ear issues growing up,
now I have scarred drums, and he is hard of earing, we think this might be why austin is more prone to getting sick.

She said that at the 24 month check up, they count up all the infections and if its a high number ( she thinks hes had 9 in his life so far) then they refer him to an ENT specialist.
She also said that if he has to go back within the next two months, before his 25 month, then she will refer him to the specialist..
Tubes sound scary to me, but my research has shown that it can be quite helpful..

two nights ago we ended up in the E.R. with the sealy dog bark I mentioned.
I had never heard it before and was scared senseless..
They gave him some med.. and a nepulizer and he is doing much better..

This is Austin at the hospital at 2  in the morning..
His spirits rarely get down.

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