Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was going to make grilled cheese - but went with this instead

I put at least a months worth of planning into this one night.
I sent out my invites, and had 12 of the most important people in my life come over to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner.
It was so muhc fun, making the menu, shopping for the food and decorations. and
Finally sitting down ( in between two toddler boys) and just taking a deep deep breathe,
lookin garound the table and just enjoying the moment.

It was a great night!

I got a table from Keiths work, and set it FOR 12 PEOPLE in my livingroom

I need to remind you, or tell you, that Keith had recently used my camera to go hunting,
and left it in the truck, needless to say, on the eve of thanksgiving, I went to get it, and the batteries were gone! not litterally, but they didnt work..
I had to use my familes pics..
( which are good :D)

I had six pies..

A pecan, A custard, An apple, A homeade chocolate creme, a pear, and a pumkpin..

Austin was so hyper, it may have been the peppermint patty, or just the fact that there were millions of people around..
He had a blast playing with Joaquin..

After it was over, and the house was back to normal..
All three of us were sooo tired, for the past three days, all we do is sleep.
I assume we are coming down with something. But Keith and Austin have no symptoms, maybe it was the
TWO turkeys I made BY MYSELF..

yes, yes I am tooting my own horn..

This morning I woke up, feeling a lot better.

I could not be more excited for Christmas.
Which yes, I did decorate, and I will have pictures after I get new batteries tonight...

Happy Holidays!!

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