Monday, February 28, 2011

Unexpected "rainy"days

* yeah right, rain might actually be a nice change of pace...

** I am not one of those people who dont NOT complain about whatever season I am in, winter is too cold, summer is too bloody hott.. you get the idea...

As the past eight Mondays have gone, I am like one of those 9-5ers, except I work 830-400. But I get up, and I have a routine, and it works..

Today, as if you werent expecting it.. another nasty ass blizzard.. I mean.. you would think, we have enough, and how far do I have to go to let mother nature know I am serious about grass, and flipflops, and sun dresses???

This is what we woke up to this morning....

A whole lotttta snow!!!

To add to the dreafulness of it all..
Austin had a belly ache early this morning, which unfortunatly made us go through a lot of diapers ( if you know what I mean)
 *he is better now..

We didnt let it get us down..
Today we played with Playdough for the FIRST time.. At first he had absolutly no idea what to do with it, I mean of course he wanted to eat it first, then I showed him..

 "mush this"

He was sold.. LOVED IT!!!

Momma made a "kit-tee"

If you count, laundry,dishes, and floors BIG accomplishments, then by golly I got a lot done today..

On another note, luckily Margaret found the stocking that Loreda had ordered, but never got to start for Austin. And I was hesitant, and with much reluctantcy I have started, and thus far put in about four hours, and am doing quite well..

This is the Moose's head..

I have a long way to go, but I am taking it slow, and hopefully it will be okay..
Lately, as a "spending time together" incentive we have been playing games at night after dinner. Not that we dont spend time together, we do..Everyday ( I mean night) but it is mostly becomes co-exisiting after days and days, we wanted to invest in actual activites.. ( the games were Keiths idea )

Austin, of course is not always sleeping during these activities, and as a result is becoming a yathzee master.. He can roll dice ( we give him his own die so it doesnt interfer with our rolling, shhh dont tell him)

yes, we give him a score card too

he thinks its funny!

This weekend on our vacation, Keith put together Austin's toy box, and yes! it is FULL!!

it looks A-MAZING!!
Overall, I am one happy camper ( yes I would like to be camping, this darn snow is ENOUGH)

We got to go sledding this weekend, and I got alittle windburn.. OUCH! it does hurt! ( not as much a sunburn though lol)

Happy Monday!

yes, he is eating his saw!!

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  1. "Margaret found the stocking that Loreda had gotten, but never got to start for Austin." you wrote. I'm so glad you are going to do it!!! You know that would mean the world to Loreda!