Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 years can fly by

Keith and I have been together 5 years in May, and to me, it just seems immpossible.
We were younger, and still seem so young. Age is something I never really grasped anyway.

First, we started dating, thanks to my mother, who worked with Keith.
We spent every day, practically, together, and since then, have gone through things that even a couple of 40 years maybe has not. ( who am I kidding, everyone goes through things)

On either hand, we always figured fate was not on our sides, so we knew, that because of this, it might be harder. But I, now, after three years of marriage dissagree.
I do not think, that the fact that ones parents got divorced has any say in their childs marriage.
Does it make them more nervous? Yes.
But mistakes, are only placed on the accused. and unfortunatly, I know this first hand.


I can say, that with life lessons, (caused by my own hand, yes) really have taught me, and I have grown.

Keith and I, may have been young. may have been stupid.
But look where it got us.

To me, I have the life I always wanted. And are stronger than I ever have been.


THREE years ago today.
Keith and I were getting married.
It amazes me, in the way looking at my almost two year old amazes me.
Time goes by so fast, and litterally three years go by in a blink.
I cannot wait to live my life next to the man that married me three years ago.

and in seven years ( when its been 10) I want to be saying the same thing.

The choice to get married, stay married, and all that was in between
were the best choices we could have ever made, and I am glad that this one life I get to live is with the one man who I would ever only pick to take the ride with me.

I love this man so much, I respect him, and I respect the road that led us to this very honest, very very much better place.

me and my girls!!

my mother and I

My step father walking me down the aisle

"you may kiss the bride"

Marraige is like a circle

Me and my girls

The wedding Party

Keiths Family

I really wanted to take the time to share these photos, because I didnt have a blog back then, and really, who doesnt love wedding pictures..

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