Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday cooking

I know its a week late, but still just as sweet!!

Every year, my Aunt Loreda made these green mints, we always got them, every year.. My sister and I are HUGE fans.. I thought I had lost them, as I did Loreda, but luckily a family member had the recipe..
so I took a stab at it.. ( a not as good looking as hers, but a good try just the same)

I LOVED them.. ( so did Austin)

A tradition every Christmas eve ( that we started last year) is to have our neighbors stop in for dessert..

This year I tried a new recipe called Rasberry Mirror Cake.. it was a hard one, but it came out beautifully..


Christmas eve, I baked these Plum glazed cornish hens ALL day, I had been telling Keith about it for litterally weeks, and they took 8 hours to cook..
They looked good.
I set the table, ( with veggie stuffed white onions, which were good) and sat down to eat..
and long story short.. couldnt bring myself to eat the thing..
needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson.. ALWAYS CUT MY MEAT BEFORE EATING..

it was good to be together though... hahaha

We also went to grandpa Rusty's in the afternoon to deliver his gifts..

He LOVED his trucks!!

After all the hub-bub.. we opened our Christmas eve gifts and write our letter to Santa Claus

( we left Santa peanuts and green cookies Austin help me make)

Then we went to bed, and waited for santa clause to visit...

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