Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions..

This year is not so much about trying to change ONE certain thing about myself, or trying to stick to one certain thing I want to do better..

For me, its more about, closing the chapter of 2010, one of the hardest years, learning from it, and getting past it. A lot happened last year right from the first day back a year ago.
So having this NEW year, really means something to me.
It means that all the crap that I, Keith or both of us went through is OVER.. and in the past.

That being said, with this new year, it really is a new start for us. We really are redefining ourselves as people and as a couple, and a family.

~I am FINALLY starting my carreer, which is huge..
so with that goes, finally getting my gym membership, and not focusing on losing weight, but just staying healthy ( my heart will thank me in 20 years).. I am really excited about that..

~We have been talking about it forever, and we plan on focusing on going to church every week. Not sure if that means changing chruches if we dont fit, but it is something we both agree is important for our family.
( my soul will thank me in 80 years)

I plan on growing as a family. I already feel so close to the two men in my life, we do a lot together, but this year is all about family. Us, and other members.

I think the most important thing in life, is showing, and telling those you care about how you feel.

The holidays are over, which means, two birthdays and an anniversary this month.

They all fall so close together, it gives me a lot to fill my time with all the planning.

So far, this year is so much better than I could have hoped for. Abby is settleing in quite nicely, and besides the fact that he likes to pull on her tail, Austin is doing really well with her.

The me you Health challenge of the day 
List five things on your bucket list..

1. Get masters degree

2. fly in a hot air ballon

3. go to vegas

4. go on a cruise

5. go sky diving..

Happy New Year.. Ps. Austin's birthday is right around the corner, you all better start planning on your gifts.. HAHA just kidding..

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