Saturday, January 29, 2011

Austin'a 2nd BDAY BASH

Let me start with this: Austin LOVES Buzz lightyear and all toystory characters, so EVERYTHING is themed so..
This is our gift to bubba!!
with a realllly big gift tag

Everyone who came to the party got a cute little spaceship favor box
(well kids I should say)

I decorated the house to the nines

This is Bubbas cake
( let me mention there are no leftovers)

Austin LOVED opening his gifts, and even add some help from his friends Jordyn and Courtney..
(soo soo soo cute together)

Austin loved playing, and running, and oh my gooness he really wore himself out..

Yes, yes yes His FAVORITE part was eating the cake.. which did I mention- was THE CUTEsT THING EVER!!!

Of course we havent had a over night sinse today, so I wil lget back to you on how he does sleeping in his new bed. But now that al lthe hecticness is over ( is that a word)
we have taken baths, and taken some medicine, and are just going to relax..

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch ,and then to the store to buy a lamp for his room with his birthday money.

Mommy has Monday off this week, so I am really excited!!
oh and did I mention Sundays are MY days to sleep in??
 ( Keiths day is Saturday, if you were wondering)

The party was a HUGE success!! and almost* all the people we loved were here to celebrate our baby's second year of life with us.

* some people couldnt make it, but we love them just the same..

OVer all, I am beat, and really looking forward to relaxing tomorrow..


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