Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been done with school since March 15. And have applied to at least 50 job callings.
I have a resume, I have references that are applicable to the medical feild. I have experience with the medical feild.
And I have been called four times, one was a phone interveiw with an offfice that specializes with my FAVORITE specialty. and I botched it because I was at the doctors at the time..

I have two call and say that they were sending my resume out to the office, but no response..

I even had an in person interview, which I thought went well.

So either, I am a unqualified human being that no one wants to be apart of in their office.

I tried waiting, being patient.
I even tried being over bearing and caling back to seem interested.
And I am just so frusterated. I just spent 10 grand on this doggone degree, and even reenrolled in a new one for 20 more and cant even find a job.
Well thats not true, there are hundreds of postions, like my teacher said, " if your not finding a job, your not looking hard enough"
well.. I found 'em, but they dont seem to think I am good enough..

In school out teacher said, theres a difference between those who will get hired, and those who take the course but will never find a job.
I am starting to think I am the one that will not find a damn job!!!


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