Monday, April 18, 2011

time to color

Keith and I have similiar traditions growing up, which makes it easy to agree on which ones to keep, and which new ones to start..

Today, after three Easters with Austin, Keith tells me that when he was younger, the eggs they colored were what the Easter bunny hid on them, which I know that some people do, but I guess I always thought the way we did it was better, you know, the Easter bunny would come and leave plastic eggs with candy and chocolate for us. I mean, we colored eggs, but it was for the fun of it.

So, I wanted to honor his traditions ( even though mine are way better, I know, JK) so we chose to do both, because who wants to have their toddler miss an egg and have their yard smelling like a rotten egg pile.

At any rate, we colored our eggs tonight, and although wehave had THREE Easters with our little guy, this year he really knows who the bunny is, and really enjoyed the coloring..

Arent these baskets sooo cute??

only $1
First you cook your eggs..

two dozen white eggs
Then you prepare your coloring ( be careful it STAINS)
after the eggs cool down you set out your trays

drop them in.. let them soak..

look at that face.. such concentration


After we were done, and we ate.. Mommy walked in to see ..

Daddy teaching Austin how to play..


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