Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring as Sprung

With all the 'nice' weather lately, I find myself outdoors ALOT with Austin during the day.
On any given day the temp can get as high as 60, then drop pretty low at night, and I am all but assuming that must be where we picked out our current colds. Fever, chills, runny noses, coughs, and sore throats and chests. Does not a good night sleep make for mommy or child.

We took a little trip to the docs yesturday morning, after a SLEEPLESS night, and learned we wasted the money, because he just has a COLD. I mean yea, obviously doc. He just made a trillion for telling me my kid has a cold ..

But today was a rainy, thunder-y, and hail-y day. Austin is feeling a little better, and should be better 100% by Easter..

Yesturday we took a trip to the park, the first one of the year.
It had been a couple months since he was on a slide, and was fearful at first, his face said " mom I dont remeber this, I think its scary"
then at the bottom it said " can I go agaiiin"

and thats jsut what he did, go again. and again. and again.
And every time he got off, he said " again momma"
and I would say " yes honey, go again!"

Very cute!

After an hour and a half, some slidding and bubble chasing..
We headed to the all natural doctors.
NO matter what is wrong with you, if you go here you will ALWAYS be better afterwards.
They even have a 100% guarentee..

Here is a picture of Austin with the medicine they gave him..
( I had some too, and it was yummy)

with a cherry on top

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