Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wardrobe change.

Yesturday, no joke.. FIVE wardrobe changes.. We got up, and all I wanted was to be outdoors to do the raking, and flowers. okay.

So, there isnt a lot of mud in our yard, but when you have a two year old son, he can find any mud puddle within a five mile radius, AND get stuck in it with his cute little sandles.

If this is any indication of our our summer is going to be, I better get a clothes line to save on the electric bill of doing so much laundry.

It really wasnt THAT bad.

But I think it was outfit number 2, when we took a stroll up to the neighbors, hung out outside, as austin slowly strolled down into the back yard, found a little pond type mud hole, and got stuck in it..

they cant see us..
Then we came home for an impromptu bath..

and it was more fun in the sun..

Austin LOVES his new bubbles

we went through a whole bottle..
We enjoyed our day outside, and we treasured it too.. For the next four days call for all RAIN!!

Oh, goodness, I almost forgot the best part of our day!

When Daddy got home we went out on a little motorized row boat, no fear in Austin about water and boats, and he looked so cute bunlded up in his clothes and life jacket.

I didnt snap any pictures, because it was a drizzleing..

Lets hope those May flowers will be worth all these April showers..

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