Friday, April 1, 2011

What we've done BEFORE the storm of April Fools

Before the storm today, we were doing things like this..

running, in the mud and grass

notice how much had melted?
Playing in our coopy coop.

his FAVORITE thing, I might add
Going for 2 mile walks.. it was nice out.

Abby LOVEs walks

and Austin

Austin love to smile

and watch abby
We were playing fetch, and running, running, running...

We were getting locked out, and not minding so much, except that mommy had to pee, and her GREATEST neighbors ever, had to rescue them.. ( :) )

And if you know me at all, I do not have the Maine accent, but I do have the cabin fever that so many Mainers get every year. The kind, where you think you will actually go mad if you dont see grass soon.

I was very happy and pleased, and very hopeful for spring, but after today, we have at least six more inches to melt through, and I have a very cute little toddler, who just stands at the window saying
" I wanna go outsidddde"
me too, me too..

But at least I have got done TWO cross stitch projects for Lady Gaga, and have made very good progress on Austin's stocking.

However, nothing beats, grass, and flowers, and a toddler who wears himself out..

we like pudding

Drive Safe.

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