Friday, April 8, 2011

Where We've been..

First off, my batteries died I think last week, and I am a procrastinator, and lets just say, I didnt get ot the store to get new ones until Today..
And I really feel that my blogging wouldn't be mine unless it had photos..

So, What have we been doing?

I have firstly, been sinking my teeth into job search, and have had a few calls, and believe me, my hopes are HIGH..

Secondly, we have been embracing the slowly-getting-nicer weather, with walks every day, and throwing tennis balls, and we even went on a picnic, I mean it was on the livingroom floor, but it was still fun..

fyi: thats chicken pot pies and peaches ( and milk)
We have been having a lot of fun, and since the cabin fever has been coming to a head, everyone in much better moods, and getting along well.
Keith even bought out fishing licences and is planning on taking Bubbs this weekend.

When we found out we were having a boy ( September 11th 2008) Keith went out and found the "exact" training pole that he had when he was little, and got it for our at-the-time even unnamed little boy.

Who knew we would hit the jackpot with this little thing, that is something we made together, and someone who reminds us daily what unconditional love is, and brings us closer has a family as we embark on the funnest and hardest journey in life - parenting.

I am so thankful to be able to be a parent.
But moreso, just so lucky to have this son, that is apart of me and my family, but also the man of my life's family and himself.

Ah. It's a great feeling. And so worth all the hard, and sad, and poopy ( sometimes litterally) times.
Because they balance out the great times, and are nesecary, to learn and grow.

He taught him to reel it in

to cast..

and to "un-stuck" it from bushes
Our wonderful doggie - abby is a great dog, she is patient and kind with Austin, and she puts up with him because he gives her probally 50% of all his food.. ( he thinks we dont know this btw) She is obsessed with tennis balls. And when she loses them, she finds sticks, but todays sticks were REALLLY long and dangerous, so I stuck them in the tree ( because she would just go get them again if I threw them in the woods)

Well. She stared at that tree for-ever!

She loves her sticks
Today was another first for Austin - his first splinter. He took it like a champ, and I even saved  it for the baby book..

April is a busy month for us ( the way I like it) so dont worry, lots and lots of posts.

Have a good weekend!

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