Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another week, half over

Wow, don't the weeks just fly by,
just yesturday it was Tuesday ( or so it seems, oh wait, it WAS Tuesday yesterday)

Well, time does fly, so fast. Seems like it goes by so much faster when you have kiddos, they grow up so fast.
It is so true. When Austin was born, he was so little, just a little blob of human, who could only poop, sleep and eat.. We never thought he would grow up to do all these wonderful things.. Like go eat PB&J, or fish, or walk, or talk, or poop ON A POTTY!!

He is growing up to be so smart, and it is happening so so fast.
You miss a day with the Bubs and it seems like you miss a lifetime.
Everyday he does something new, everyday he does something funny, or something naughty, or explores and discovers new things..

I am just so proud of the human that we made.
I am still trying to grasp the fact that WE made an actual human, a living breathing, of our own flesh and blood, human..
Oh, it sounds weird, but we still talk about it, ALL THE TIME, oh amazing it is growing them in your belly for nine months, never seeing them, but loving them more than you thought you could ever love someone.
Then you see them, lay eyes on their little body with their hungry eyes, hungry for their momma, and you love them more than you did before..
Then the rest is histroy, you love them more everyday. But it just doesnt seem like I could love him ANYMORE...
until tomorrow comes,
and I do.
I think it is all hitting me now, he is almost 2..
I am a parent. I am a mother..I am a freakin grown up.
Life happened so fast, and now it seems, that it is flying by me.

I love it though,
I just cant picture my life WITHOUT Austin, or by gosh, I can't remember my life before I met him - almost two years ago..
I love watching his face light up, when he sees something new, something that amazes him. Or when he lays his eyes on someone he loves, like dadda, or pop pop, or grandpa, all people that at the mere mention of their names, he goes bananas with excitement.

Today, we took him on his FIRST row boat ride.
He LOOOVED it.. 

Today, he also climbed out of his crib...

Today, he also pooped on the big boy potty.

Everyday, he is leaning, and I love to have so much influence, I love teaching him things.
like baby sign launguge, or just what he can or cannot do..
It is so amazing..

he loved the water
helping daddy row
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relaxing at home with the whole family...

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