Sunday, August 15, 2010

Could it get any busier??

I love having a lot planned, and actually doing it ( wink wink)
And this weekend, was one of those weekends.

Austin went away for the weekend, to great grammies house..
Thursday night he was out for the weekend..

I had allllll day Friday to myself, to sleep in, to wear my pjs, I was going to catch up on some tv shows.
I was actually really excited about the whole day.
and then...

A hornet, invaded my living room alllll day!!
literally made me soo very upset.

a spider..
in my ....

I was so crushed that my vacation was ruined by little bugs..
Keith killed the hornet when he got home, and the spider...
we couldnt find him.
Needless to say, we spent the weekend camping out on our wonderful couch!
It was actually kindda fun!
Today I tore our room apart looking for spidey, and no where to be found, was he.
But I washed all my bedding, and I guess  I will have to  get over it..
our new 357

Keith and I got a new gun, so we went to the firing range to shoot it off.
I have to brag a little here, I hit bulls eye..
WOW! I was soooo very proud..
( well close enough anyways)
Doesn't he look sooo impressed?
Austin put them on HIMSELF! he was so proud!

We went coyote hunting, we put up our tree stand, we bought a nice red light, and some bullets, and a nice predator call ( thanks Dad and Cheryl for the Woodman's gift certificate BTW, we are now stocked on ammo for the WHOLE season)

Then, we got nervous, and went to Rusty's for a camp fire..

Over all we had a delicious weekend. ( weird connotation)

Today after we got Bubba around noon.
We headed to the beach with Auntie and the boys, we played on the playground, and the water, then we had a cookout here at home..
Austin and Cole
Austin and Keeny
how he loves to give kisses

I love how he smiles and laughs on the swings..

After a loooong weekend, Austin snuggled up with daddy...
watching daddo play !

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