Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally got our sim card back ,and our wildlife adventures!!

For the past two or three weeeks
(  I can't remember which)
My wonderful sim card has been in the woods scouting out deer for this hunting season, but
alas, it is back and bold..

daddy and mommy
he was more interested in looking around
Austin loves the outdoors
following daddy around, it was cute, he copies the way he walks too
like father like son
such a cute boy!

Sorry, I'm not sure if Keith would want me to post the pictures of the wildlife we captured
( in pictures) and boy, has he been working some overtime ( bring on the $$$$) 
and is hardly ever home, and when he is, I am urging him to go to sleep, he is such a night owl..
However his hard work is paying off..
This man, is seriously the hardest worker I know, and is such a good one too. He has never missed a day at work, and he works that little ass off all the time, and whenever he gets an opportunity...

which yes, does lead to guilt on my not-working- not-little ass.. 
However, thanks to my wonderful new adviser, and a tough, and strenuous school schedule I can be done by the new year.and into my job by MARCH 15...
and believe me, this makes me so happy, to be doing this..

If I do say so myself... Things are coming along soo nicely.. With me and Keith, with me and .... well everything is going great!!! 

I am really happy right now, happy with my the way things are panning out, happy with the progress we are making, in all areas, and happy that I have such a wonderful son, and husband..
happy that fall is coming, and  I can crock-pot and bake my my litte heart off, happy that survivor is coming back, and I am going to school in October, and jeeez the list goes on, my blessings are endless..
and I am making the best out of everything!!

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