Thursday, August 5, 2010

New blog, fresh start

I started this new blog for many reasons..
 we are starting a fresh start, and thought it would be fun, and great..

As I was hitting delete, I realized I didnt save any of the blogs I follow, and it seriously made my heart hurt, some of those blogs meant a lot to me, and I am staying up until I find the ones I cannot live without..


This blog is about our family, of three.
Keith, Austin, and myself.
Starting from today.
nothing else, the past is washed away, and deleted from the 
www, so therefore not relevant anymore..

The only thing you need to know is, we are together and we are happy, truly happy, not just happy because- you-might- as- well- put- on- a -smile- happy, no
REALLY, truly, very, sincerly

We are so very young ( I am not complaining) we have differed opinions on things that really are trival in our marriage, things like race, and politics, and religion, and science, and evolution.
and sometimes we but heads, but 
becoming parents together,
parents of the same person
looking at the person we made, that without us, would not be alive
made us a team, and we are so good at it ( if I do say so myself)

Parenting is something I always thought I wanted, I never knew what it would be like.
I just kne wI wanted a big family, with lots of cookouts, and reunions, and hugs, and loves.
And we, admitingly, have never done it before, so we are learning as we go. Doing what WE think is right for him, taking into consideration the way we were both raised, and keeping what we liked, and ditching the crappy stuff.( just kidding mom)
And in 19 months, we have only occasionaly butted heads..
on things like co-bedding, or whatever it is called.
Something I wanted at first, but only because I was nursing and completely and crazy tired ..Keith was afraid of crushing him ( I know, )
then as he got older, I liked the idea of NOT having a three year old in my bed, and we got him his OWN room. That was when he was 5 months old, and he has been in there since. But there are nights, that Keith really really wants to let him sleep with us..
I sigh and tell him, that we shouldn't...
but sometimes...
we all sleep together..
the second thing was pacificers.
Keith never wanted them, because his mother told him they were bad.
" well I dont give a damn, your mother can come watch him them when he wants it" 
I told him.
Austin loved that thing, up until last week, when we accidentally misplaced it, and he is doing okay, only with the occasional withdrawal tantrum ..

This is us..
I love to take pictures, and I have a million of them.
And cannot wait to keep you posted....

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