Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday was HOTT!! ( with two T's)

Summer just had to go out with a bang!
With temperatures reaching nearly 100,I have no choice other than to bitch about the weather, because I am American and that's what we do! We take everything, including the nice weather for granted!
We have no choice other to sit on our asses in front of the A/C and play with our toys, and watch movies, eat non-oven oriented food, and pray for January to arrive sooner rather than in January..

Don't get me wrong, I love the weather, its hot, its nice. But seriously..
It sucks.. Sucks ass..
At least until the afternoon, and evening, when its bearable and slightly breezy, and we can enjoy it.
But I didn't want to let some sun shiny weather bring us down..

Our new weekly ritual, which started last week, with sugar cookies, moved onto cupcakes.. Every Monday will be bake day, this gets me excited to bake, and excited for Autumn, and makes me feel less lazy about not being outside in the hell-like hotness that it is until 5 pm.

( next week I am making spaghetti sauce, to freeze)
we made our own frosting.. Pink for the girls, and Blue for the boys
some of the beatifically designed cakes ( no I am not starting my own business of baking, although if I did it my slogan would be .... cupcakes, not good for your ass, but good for my pocket, eat one everyday!)
I made one for each of the the children at Margret's house.
Each one had their names on it, but by the time we got to Margret's the letters had melted into one another, and McKenzie looked like a big blob! But they all loved them,
and another ritual I am starting is going to spend the day with Margaret at least once a week, it is one I wish I would have been more loyal with, with Loreda, and with her passing, death is so much more real now, and although I do not want to picture life without my loved ones, someday we will all be gone, and I want to spend as much time with them as possible.. 
Maybe Austin will retain at least a few memories this way. 

I know the glare, and flash made it not come out too well, but this is our first in a series of wall art.. 
It says
" live well, laugh often, and love much!" 

I have put a few pictures on the wall, around it.. 
More to come on that too.

Last night we went over to Rusty's house, and talked about our plans for this weekend's camping trip. My goodness, you have my genes and Keith's genes and you get one lovable boy. Everyone Loves Austin!
Although he has a special bond with Rusty because we lived with him for months after Austin was born..
Rusty loves Austin so much. And Austin loves him back, just the mention of pop-pop sends him into a excited frenzy, jumping and clapping, squealing and yelling his name.. very cute..
I can't help that Becky + Keith = perfect boy

Austin playing on the sit and spin..
Lucky Pop-Pop only lives five minuets away, our trip was cut short with a massive load in his diaper, if you know what I mean..

We came home and relaxed in the cool breezy house...

Sheer bliss, ( minus the blistering hot ass weather)

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